Rowley Shoals

In a most unusual new offering, the wonderful True North cruises to theisolated Rowley Shoals off the coast of Western Australia.Gray Shark!

Rowley Shoals are scattered atolls 160 miles West of Broome. This remote cityis itself 1,400 miles North of Perth in one of Australia’ss most remote corners.

When we fly into Broome we board the 10 passenger True North for the runout to the Shoals. True North has five air-conditioned double cabins, a comfortablesalon and a huge deck which we use for outdoor dining under the sun or stars.

Reefs are Alive!Rowley Shoals has some very excitingdrift-diving in the passes into the atoll, rip-roaring rides in utterly crystallinewater; it also has walls covered with brilliant purple fans, soft corals, and lotsof sharks. Virgin places like the Shoals are often the best places to find gray andsilvertip sharks in good numbers, so feedings will be included. These are very activesharks, so the feeds offer dramatic excitement and zooming action. If this soundslike a cruise for adrenaline addicts, that’s how we designed it.

The smaller marine species are Indian Ocean specials; those of you who have divedthe U.S. Navy pier at Exmouth (200 miles South) know that Western Australia doeshave some rare and very different species for photography.

Symphorichthys!We will of course vary thedives to offer all of the different attractions to cater to our clients tastes.

Rowley Shoals has frequent sightings of tiger sharks, a species for which we havelong sought a feeding site with shark cages. True North now has a sturdy cageready for your adventure!

There are a number of divers who have "been everywhere". The ownersof True North want those clients to have a cruise that rivals the best they’veever enjoyed plus a special effort to obtain tiger shark photos.

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