Praise for The Inzan Tiger:

"We are just concluding our second dive trip aboard The Inzan Tiger, which is operated out of Golfito Costa Rica by Captain Heinz and his first mate, Zan Buchbinder. The boat is a beautiful and functional custom built 60 footer which is maintained in Bristol condition at the owners own boatyard. The accommodations are spacious and well appointed and every effort is made to provide for the passengers. Captain Heinz is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic former CEO of a major international corporation who has found his life's love at sea pampering his guests with world-class diving and at request, fishing. His wife Zan is a world-class gourmet cook who specializes in fresh sea food as well as meat and chicken dishes and delicious pastas, vegetables and desserts. I recommend The Inzan Tiger to anyone who is seeking a unique and intimate experience in a limited company setting."

Eric R. Van De Water, Attorney, Santa Barbara, CA.

"Another sharing of experience with my friends Zan and Heinz Buchbinder! Zan continues to delight us with delicious offerings from her galley and Heinz operating his Inzan Tiger with such efficiency and yet so much joy and exuberance. This has been my fourth trip with Zan and Heinz following trips to Isla Del Cano, Cocos Island and Isla Malpelo. It has exceeded all expectation! I look forward to many more with these fine people."

Robert Goodell, Santa Barbara, CA.

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Modified 1-17-96