Praise for Ocean Hunter

"Once we pulled away from the dock and went through the "cut" it was pristine. The scenery was incredible and the ride smooth. We didn't have to go very far for our check-out dive. 'Adjust your weights, check your equipment, and meet at the 90' on the wreck.' It seemed non-stop after that. We visited all the famous sites; some twice, and enjoyed watching the Dancer's and the Aggressor's divers being shuttled in and out. Once we overlapped with the Japanese liveaboard. It made us realize how good we had it. The trip was everything we expected and more. This was because of the crew. Navot can not be improved upon. He put us on the reefs when the tides and currents were right and the other divers gone. We just jumped off the back of the boat, enjoyed our dive, and then inflated our satety sausages. We never had to wait more than a few minutes. Navot's personality shined the whole week. His dive briefings were succint, 'Keep the reef on your right'. His stories kept us in stitches, and his resourcefullnes never ended. We all look forward to diving with him again. His love of the oceans and his real enjoyment of people makes for a great week. Palau is fantastic. The varieties and numbers of fish, the specialties like Jellyfish Lake and Clam City, the hard and soft corals, the historical tour of Pelileu with Tanzy as your guide. These can be done by anyone. But they can only be done with ease and style on the Ocean Hunter."

Lilia S. Daniel 3/23/96

""par Excellence". Fabulous experience - wonderful boat - definitely the way to dive Palau."

Hank Luria 12/15/95

"Ocean Hunter is probably the most immaculate and best managed and maintained boat we have ever been on. Navot and his crew provided outstanding service in terms of both amenities and diving. A great trip! See & Sea has a real winner here."

Jean Gray 4/4/95

"The Ocean Hunter was better than advertized or expected. World Class Professional service, food and diving, the best.

Another perfect dive trip from See & Sea. Thank you."

Mitchell Major, M.D.

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Modified 05-17-96