#P1 7 nights/6.5 dive days
#P2 8 nights/7 dive days
#P3 10 nights/9 dive days

A unique combination of spectacular marine life, World War II wrecks, shark action, underwater volcanic activity, fascinating cultural experiences and unlimited diving aboard Paradise Sport..

A typical cruise includes Nuakata Island, East Cape, the North coast and D'Entrecasteau Islands. Cruises may also include Basilaki Island to the southeast and Egum atoll to the northeast and on #P3 - Cape Vogel to the northwest. Observations by marine scientists suggest that Milne Bay Province has the greatest Marine Biodiversity in the region. Every cruise offers a chance to see marine life seldom seen elsewhere.

Nautilus dives

Live Nautilus are captured from deep water. Divers can photograph them as they are released unharmed to return to their deep homes.

Wall diving

Barracuda, trevally, wahoo, dog tooth tuna and hammerheads can be seen patrolling the walls of Deacon's Reef, Cobb's cliff, Peerís Reef, Balaban's Bommie, and Wong's Reef.

Exotic creature dives

In the sheltered bays of Dinahís Beach, Bunama, and Observation Point, exotic marine life seen includes: blue ribbon eels, seahorses, flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipe fish, leaf scorpion fish, and mantis shrimp.

Wreck Diving

Dive the P38 Lightning and Muscoota shipwreck. Plus the B17 Bomber "Blackjack" and SíJacob on #P3 (weather permitting).

Shark action

Shark feed at Jeremy Reef or Farrington Reef.

Bommie Dives

Some of the most beautiful and lush of Milne Bay reefs are small isolated "bommies" covered with exuberant growths of soft and hard corals, sea fans and whips and magnificent growths of black corals - and abundant fish life. Creatures seen usually include the Lacy Scorpionfish. Regular sites are Banana Bommie; Black and Silver Reef; Nuakata Bay Reef; Sanaroa Reefs; Dart Reefs, and many others.

Cultural Experiences

Friendly villagers in dug out canoes trade fresh vegetables, seafood, and woodcarvings with Paradise Sport.

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