Information for Underwater Photographers

  1. The reason that I pioneered live-aboard diving in 1972 was that live-aboards were the perfect platform for underwater photographers. Not only were we able to get beyond the range of the main hotel-based diver traffic to remote, unspoiled reefs; we also could make as many dives each day as we wished (within, of course, the limits of good practice). That gave us better value for the time and money we were spending to come to the Tropics. In those glory days when our groups were the first to explore such places as Australia's Coral Sea, the Galapagos, Palau, Fiji, Truk Lagoon, and the Red Sea, live-aboard cruises were the secret to such remote exploration. Today, modern live-aboards offer far more in amenities than we had in the 1970's, but their premise is the same:
  2. While all live-aboards are thus ideal vehicles for underwater photography, some are especially known for particular subjects:
  3. E-6 film processing on board is labor-intensive, so it is offered mainly by larger vessels with larger crews. Live-aboards such as Thorfinn in Truk Lagoon, Aggressors and Peter Hughes' vessels routinely process E-6 type film overnight. Certain smaller vessels such as Ocean Hunter in Palau have made special arrangements to courier film to shore-based facilities for overnight processing.
  4. Underwater photography and Marine life seminars are offered periodically on many cruises, hosted by well-known photographers such as Marty Snyderman, Paul Humann, Dee Scarr, Bob Halstead, Scott Frier, Stan Waterman, Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock, and Carl Roessler. Please contact Carl Roessler at for recommendations.
  5. One way to inprove your underwater photography is to read books by professionals. Carl Roessler's book "Mastering Underwater Photography" includes chapters on the mental game of underwater photography--how to get close to fish for portraits, how to work with models, how to film big animals. Contact Carl Roessler if you wish to purchase a copy.

    For those of you who are deeply fascinated by marine life, we offer the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institueâs FAQ (frequently asked questions) about sea creatures:

    A description of Carl's large photo collection with sample portfolios!

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