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Leading up to the May 24-26 match, conditions were fine for seeing the range complex and the beginning work on building the twelve stages.

I flew the drone up to see all the bays in which the stages were being built, then studied a few of them more closely.

1. Range, preparations and opening day!

During the competition days, the weather began calm and sunny, but soon turned rather ugly. The wind was very strong from late morning through the afternoon every day. Clouds and rain came in Saturday, grounding the drones completely, and the winds were unrelenting on Sunday.

Drones do very badly in wind, and I almost lost one to it. Still, I put them up when I dared, and did get some views from above.

2. Competitors seen from sky!

When I dare to put the drone up into the wind, I did take videos of the squad I was following from the ground. As you see, props and range officers always get into the picture, which was why I wanted the drone up in the first place.

Still, it is pretty dramatic to be following these excellent shooters as they maneuver through complex, demanding courses.

3. Competitors seen from ground!
Range, preparations and opening day!

Competitors seen from sky!

Competitors seen from ground!

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