This sleek modern cruiser operates in the Milne Bay area. She has ten private suitesin three price ranges (premium, standard and economy).

PARADISE SPORT cruises the classic itinerarymade famous by TELITA. Legendary dive sites such as Dinah's Beach, ObservationPoint, the Blackjack Bomber, and Jeremy's Reef will now be short sprints on thisfast cruiser. See the More information of Telita.

During the June to October season, PARADISE SPORT will move Northward toKavieng area for a series of big-animal cruises.

PARADISE SPORT will offer cruisers of various lengths from 6 to 9 divedays. This will allow clients to tailor their dive cruise/land touring program tofit their own particular schedule.

Please contact me for important infornation on seasons, marine life and otherfactors that could influence your choice of adventures in Papua New Guinea.

EXPEDITION #P4 #P5 and #P6
#P4 - 6 dive days, #P5 - 7 dive days, #P6 - 9 dive days

Choose Kavieng, PNG's pelagic capital for world class big fish and shark dives.

You will enjoy a unique combination of spectacular marine life, wrecks, shark action, nautilus dives and fascinating cultural experiences.

Breathtaking views of palm fringed islands with perfect white sand beaches greet you as you fly in.
Paradise Sport provides a unique combination of:-

Style - PNG's newest most luxurious liveaboard
Comfort - Twin hull, less rock 'n roll
Convenience - Choose from PNG's most luxurious liveaboard accommodation or PNG's best value accommodation
Dive Site Access - Uncrowded dive site access from main vessel or tenders
Unlimited Diving -4+ dives daily, nitrox and solo diving as per Mike Ball Safe Solo program
Video/Photo Pro and E6 processing Click here to see more information about our video/photo pro service "OCEAN & EARTH"

Departs: One 7, 8 and 10 night departure per month
June - September - Kavieng
October - April - see Milne Bay information

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