Summer 2016

For my 2016 adventure in Idaho, I combined an old favorite, Twin Falls, with the more distant Boise and its surroundings.

The links in the blue squares are for Twin Falls itself. The link in the burgundy square is for the town of Glenns Ferry and its local attractions, found along Route 84 West of Twin Falls on the way to Boise.

In the red squares, we have four large lakes/reservoirs used as state parks situated around Boise itself.

Finally, in the purple squares, we have links to sites along the Payette River. The Payette sites we show include the river itself and two of its huge lakes/state parks, found between the town of McCall in the North and Boise in the South.

For a drone pilot, it was sensational. One subject after another showed us its wonder, including the majestic Shoshone Falls. I’ve been trying to get the drones up over it for two years—and on this trip the water flow was massive and the weather perfect.

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