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"More of the World's Great Live-Aboards"

There are a number of excellent live-aboards scattered around the world which can perfectly fit a client's particular needs. This list includes super diving while you enjoy great comfort -- I can enthusiastically recommend them!

Some of Our Favorite Places:

Other Wonderful Adventures:

These vacations are available for tours of 7 days (one week). Carl monitors the quality of all these destinations, and recommends them when they fit a persons needs and schedules. Please contact us for further particulars, brochures and schedules:
Fax: 702.562.0227 - 702.562.0226 - Mail: P.O. Box 33668, Las Vegas , NV 89133

Carl also recommends on a non-exclusive basis longer cruises in certain areas where a one-week cruise simply is too short to properly dive that destination.

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